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Metal detector Needlechek

Metal detectors are used to test clothing / material containing iron metal accessories (such as zippers, rivets ...)

Metal detectors leading to the textile industry

Accredited by the clothing manufacturer and leading garment.

Solutions to ensure excellent quality.

To ensure equal sensitivity 1.2mm diameter at any point in the tunnel probe.

Combined treatment technologies latest digital.

Operator interface simple.

24 month warranty and after sales service support great.

Metal detectors Metal detectors Needlechek is leading Textile industry / clothes. This system was designed specifically to allow early detection of broken needle or other metal contamination during garment manufacture.

Machine Solutions provides Quality Assurance for all products containing metal accessories (such as zippers, rivets ...)

Great sensitivity of Needlechek The products ensure equivalent metal contamination 1.2mm diameter will be detected at any point in the tunnel probe.

Metal detectors can Needlechek metal detecting metal contamination in products containing copper iron, aluminum, tin and other metals are used and recognized by the manufacturers of textile accessories such as the world's leading YKK, Prym and Opti.

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