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serviceMaintenance services, warranty and installation advice all devices.

+Provide services and repair service equipment in any laboratory

+Provide services, repair test equipment in the food industry

+Service providers, equipment repair service in the medical field

+Maintenance service, repair service equipment in the field of wastewater treatment, water supply

Provide services and repair of electric equipment and industrial power

Service providers, inverter repair of all manufacturers

sv2Design consulting services, installation of electric systems, industrial power

+Service repair electric motors, water pumps from 1 phase to 3-phase

+Provide services, generator repair

Repair service and provide replacement parts for machines of all metal detector manufacturers followed: CASSEL, NOWSYSTEMS, LOMA, ANRITSU, NISSIN, LOCK ...

Provide test stick for metal detectors certificate

Service providers, system repair checkweigher, Xray, XRF

Provide services, repair CARRIER CHILLER, TRANE ...

Production services, supply and repair of apparatus for ozone

+Services supply, maintenance, repair Drum Motor.

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